About Salvatore Larosa

Rome | Italy

Marketing and digital strategist fighting for lost causes as a job. UX nazi. Londoner inside. Cinema and theatre junkie. Secret novelist. Bad cook. Old boy.

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Working in the Strategic Marketing Dept of Poste italiane, the Italian public postal/parcel operator. Deeply involved in the digital transformation program of the company...We are one of the top Italian banks, focusing on payments and money transfer, a leading insurance company and a strong logistic operator.

Salvatore’s interest in Service Design

I started my professional career working in digital strategy and ideating new online services and sites, then I started studying User-Centred approaches, User Experience Design, Usability and Information Architecture, then (again) I moved to Service Design and Design Thinking approaches and now I am back to digital/hybrid strategy, service/app ideation and digital marketing. Service Design is 50% of my daily activities

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