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Nancy Perlman
London | United Kingdom

Design, the verb, meets Humanity

Nancy Perlman Design Research, with Grit, Design Researcher | Catalyst | Service Designer

Evidence-based Design is my vocation. I inhabit a liminal space, a space in-between. A space not of yesterday or of today, with an eye to the future, like The Angel of History. A space where transformation takes place.

To me, service design means...

Jazz. A jazz musician functions as an expert in many roles, always serving the MUSIC. Context determines the role, coalescing into an improviser - listening, processing, leading to the creation of something new based on foundation principles. Role include: - side player (can’t outshine the leader) - leader (put together the best players for the music, deal with organising gigs and payments) - composer (be alone with your thoughts, structure a song) - sub (contribute expertise as needed, with little-to-no prep, know the Fake Book) - co-op member (playing off strengths to create a greater whole) - mentor (helping people to navigate the profession from all angles).

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