About Audree Fletcher

Croxley Green, Rickmansworth | United Kingdom

I'm Director of Design in the UK Government's Department for International Trade. I'm also on the committee for the UK SDN Chapter.

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I'm looking to make a leap into the private sector over the coming months. Interested? Get in touch!

I've have an eclectic background: public sector policy generalism, with an MBA. People, project and change management. Coaching, behavioural economics and leadership. Economics and finance. Service design and user research. Innovation management and NPD. Research and evaluation.

Audree’s interest in Service Design

My own approach to policy design has long focused on cocreation, collaboration, systems thinking and prototyping of a sort. I first stumbled across Service Design when I moved into a service delivery organisation - and found that it matched my working philosophy perfectly.

Audree’s contribution

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