About Andy Jones

Andy Jones
Solihull | United Kingdom


Andy Jones Gambling Commission, Service designer and advocate for user centred design and collaboration. Helping set up Public Sector Digital Midlands.
I am a service designer and developer. I am passionate about good user-centric service design backed by user research and evidence. I push for consistency in design, standards and processes.

To me, service design means...

I am passionate about driving good, consistent design based on user needs and I actively encourage people at all levels in the organisation I work in to embrace user-centric design. By delivering good services for users, it makes everyone's lives easier. As a user, you can complete transactions or processes easily, in a familiar way, or in such a way, it doesn't require understanding or previous knowledge. For an organisation, it ensures that the data being collected is of a good quality and fulfils the requirements for why it is needed.People working with that data are confident in it's accuracy and processes to manage it are all thought about.

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