About Andrew Harrison

Andrew Harrison
Birmingham | United Kingdom

System enabler & designer of learning systems involved in local & international service development for 30+ years. Fascinated by links between governance innovation, service design & user experience.

Interested in experiential learning and arts’ experience in learning systems for service design.

Founder & director of learning studio - combining learning systems with studio practice - as you would find in an art, music, dance studio: provisional, responsive to materials, looking to transform, concerned with the relationship between inner and outer experience. The felt experience. Global ambassador with Mandalah - active in Brazil, USA, Germany, Japan. Work with clients and communities from all sectors in many settings - published 'Intimate Innovation' (2013) and 'Re-imagining Governance' (2017). Researching systems of causation, and how to re-imagine paradigm shift. We are changed by change - wonder if we resist change because of fantasy we can choose what we might lose after change.

Andrew Harrison
director learning studio

Andrew’s interest in Service Design

Service experience inside and outside organisations is often under-designed – so much just happens to us – events lack meaning. I am interested in how participation in design can turn confusing (sometimes neglectful) events into meaningful experience. Many services were never consciously designed; they came into being through custom and practice, or as a side effect of other changes. So, conscious re-design leads to a new sense of internalised purpose and a release of value. I am interested in how to re-design governance systems to create the conditions under which creative re-design of services and user experiences is internalised in organisational life.

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