About Pedro de Albuquerque Borges

Pedro de Albuquerque Borges
Madrid | Spain

As a Design Lead, I am the primary contributor of a Global Cloud Team dedicated to creating efficient, effective and delightful product experiences that unify customer needs with business goals.

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Research, product design , visual design, interaction design, user experience.

I help product, marketing and development teams to define, build and validate the product´s requirements/vision (from concept to launch) by combining business, development and customer´s needs that inspire action and drive impact.

Pedro de Albuquerque Borges
User Experience Lead

Pedro’s interest in Service Design

I’ve building my career in a variety of roles and projects, from small to big companies where I was not just a visual designer, but also an user experience designer, interaction designer and design lead. I’m not only used to wearing many hats, I definitely enjoy it.

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