Service Design as a disciple has been around for 1-2 years. Businesses have been learning about design thinking and its application for problem-solving. Many services have been reinvented and improved, as well as many products which have used it to enhance its user’s experience.

We want to:

- Promote awareness of service design topics in the general public.
- Share and transfer knowledge in order to help the practice development within the country.
- Help all kinds of professionals and organizations to use the practice and join SDN.
- Achieve national recognition as a Service Design and Innovation organization.

Joanie Jochamowitz
Joanie Jochamowitz - Operations Manager & Design Strategist

As a member of the Insitum community, I am also the Local Practice Lead for Service Design at Insitum tasked with the challenge to help the practice grow not only internally at Insitum but locally as a country. I have participated in over more than 5 local projects of Service Design in the industries of: Construction, Education, Banking, and Telecommunications.

Lucía Rodríguez Wu
Lucía Rodríguez Wu - Director & Partner

As responsible for the mention of Services in Industrial Engineering Career at the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC), and professor in charge of the Service Design course. I have participated in Service Design Projects in the Pharmaceutical and Education industries. Additionally in UTEC we see different projects of Services Design throughout the programs of Pre-degree and Executive Education.

Andrés Ramírez Flores
Andrés Ramírez Flores - Senior Experience Designer

I have participated in over more than 5 local projects of Service Design in the industries of: Retail, Education, Banking and Insurance.

​Patricia Beltrán Laguna
​Patricia Beltrán Laguna - Service Design Leader

I have worked in the area of service design for different companies in Italy, Colombia and Peru. I have developed projects in various industries such as telecommunications, banking, and consumer goods, as well as the public sector of Peru.

​Heidi Uchiyama Onaka
​Heidi Uchiyama Onaka - UX Lead and Digital Service Designer

I’ve worked doing UX consulting for the private sector in México and Peru and I’m currently working for the Peruvian Government with various departments on the use of innovative methods (DT, Agile, Lean, etc) to redesign their services for citizens. We use digital by default as our main premise.