Chapter Plans

We are planning to have several periodical events during the year (we have planned to have a

Service Design meetups once a month) at the coworking WeWork. Our target group are strategic

designers, service designers and entrepreneurs who are designing their own services.

Adriana Ojeda Villegas
Adriana Ojeda Villegas - Service Designer at BBVA

I first had contact with service design a few years ago when Idecided to study my master in this field, after hosting the Global Service Jam in my city, I realized that I wanted to follow this path and started looking for a job where I could applied what I’ve learned and continue learning as well. Today I’m lucky to work as a service designer at the most important bank in Mexico, and to teach to future service designers at Ibero and ITESM. At the same time I’m still studying courses related to creative methodologies at ICON University so I can applied them to my everyday job.

Priscila Williams Soberanes
Priscila Williams Soberanes - Service Designer at BBVA

I started studying Service Design about 10 years ago in Italy and since then I have been applying it in different organizations always trying to keep learning and to grow in my profession. Now, in addition of my day job as a service designer I am teaching Service Design at one of the most important universities in Mexico and also I keep studying Service Design at ICON University.

Angelica Flechas
Angelica Flechas - Founder of Háptica (Service Design agency)

For more than 5 years I have lead Háptica, which is an agency based in Colombia that now has operations in Mexico City. I’ve worked on several projects on the public sector with the Colombian government and also with private companies always with a service design focus. Recently the ICON University asked me to design a Service Design Master Program where I am teaching at the moment.