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Chapter events SDN San Francisco - UX & Service Designers

SDN San Francisco - UX & Service Designers

Do You Like To Think By Acting? Do You Enjoy Using Theater Metaphors? Are You Addicted To 3x3Inch Pieces Of Paper?

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Chapter events SDN San Francisco - Designing 2015

SDN San Francisco - Designing 2015

Come Join Us For The SDN SF Holiday Party , 2015 Events and Focus Areas Brainstorm.

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SDN San Francisco

SDN San Francisco
We plan to further the field of service design by working with practitioners, both those with years of experience and at the cutting edge, as well as people starting their career. We hope to work with service designers both in-house and in agencies. The SDN is a great organization to foster community which is important for helping all service designers collaborate and advance in their careers. Furthermore, our events can help designers spread and improve upon their methods and ideas, advancing the field of service design.
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Great to have you here. Together, we can share knowledge and learnings, and further strengthen our growing discipline.

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