We believe the power and flexibility of service design present a unique mentality and skillset for addressing complex problems. To develop, promote, and strengthen the knowledge and practice of service design in Philadelphia through accessible service design events.


Since 2013, we have worked to grow the service design community here in Philadelphia through free or low-cost meetups via meetup.com. Our meetup community has grown to over 200 members in Philadelphia. Forming an SDN chapter is a vital stage in our growth as a service design community.

Strategy and Business Plan

The diversity of backgrounds at our early events embodies why we believe an SDN Chapter here would add to the larger context in the US market and beyond. Our community includes members of academia, private enterprise, public service, and social innovation. At an industry level, there are many life sciences, healthcare, and financial service organizations investing in design and technology-based ecosystems in the city as well as the surrounding areas. We also expect to see continued growth from Delaware. We look forward to sharing Philadelphia’s blend of tradition and change with the global SD community.


  •  Grow the profession of Service Design in the Delaware Valley through in-person and virtual events in the Philadelphia region.
  • Hold regular chapter events using a mixture of in-person and remote activities. Building from our monthly meetups and quarterly Service Jams we will add professional workshops in order to grow our community to a more professional level while maintaining the low barrier of entry.
  • Broaden our reach in the Philadelphia community and region by reaching out to organizations and institutions to educate and inform them about service design through informal networks and our LinkedIn Group and SDN Chapter website.
  • Grow a network of executives, leaders and practitioners focused on Service Design that can sustain the need for talent in our city.
  • Promote community and connectedness through formal and informal gatherings such as panel discussions and workshops throughout the year.
Thanh My Nguyen
Thanh My Nguyen - Service Design Research Engineer

While completing an MS in Design Research at Drexel University, I worked on service design projects exploring urban planning, public health, and social engagement. I am a firm believer in the formative power of end-to-end experiences. I apply a service-based mindset everyday in my role informing e-commerce experiences as a Service Design Research Engineer at QVC.

Rich Ekelman
Rich Ekelman - Independent Service Designer

My mission on Earth is to share the power and reach of service design with anyone that wants to incorporate the flexibility of service design the way they solve complex problems. I believe service design is a way to transcend design and business. We are uniquely equipped to handle the vast complexities involved with holistic design. The US is in terrible need of service design right now.