Visual Storytelling

Session: "Visual Storytelling"

Huge thanks to Stefanie McKnight for stepping in at such short notice. And pulling together an informative session in only 24 hours :) Sorry about the circumstances for Luke. He has indicated he may be available at a later date. Here are some notes to accompany the slides from Stefanie’s session

  • Engaging stakeholders - by mapping out, able to identify gaps and ask questions they may not have been expecting 
  • Creates good ownership when others have been involved in developing 
  • Get into the theory of graphic design – the meaning behind the work (incl behavioral science)
  • The Mexican Wrestlers – different views of the photo provide different context (5 x photos in ppt) 
  • Understanding the cultural knowledge behind symbols, index etc 
  • Working with different stakeholders and continual testing is so important to understand their view/context 
  • Using dots to provide texture – and if used with arrows, can indicate ‘semi-permanent’ 
  • Gestalt Design Principles (Ben’s note: have included an article I found useful
  • Use of colour, line and tone can make more dynamic 
  • Using things like depth of field to imply time 
  • Western culture – for infographic, most important will most likely be in centre or top left because of how we read 
  • When you’re doing typography coloured – MAKE IT BIG
  • Using tint and shade for pain points – making it darker, stronger...
  • And again, understanding the culture context re colours (see slide)
  • Graphs are for data, infographics are for insights 

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