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Timothy Gilligan
New York City, NY | United States


Timothy is passionate about... design and culture, service design thinking and design education

Timothy Gilligan Capital One, Design Practice Manager
Tim has a diverse background in engagement, bridging physical and digital experiences. From live experience to digital touchpoints, Tim is fascinated with the ecosystems we curate.

To me, service design means...

Co-Design and the movement towards more integrated communities of practice and engagement. How can the methods of Service Design cross pollinate and penetrate other disciplines and industries to make more humane solutions driven by users and participants.

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Global Service Design Jam - NYC

The Service Design Jam is a weekend-long extravaganza held every year with the goal of building community, experimenting with design methods, and having a great time! Teams engage in a super-concentrated design process using tools like research, brainstorming, and journey mapping to develop prototypes of new services. After revealing the Jam’s secret theme on Friday night, we break into teams and start working. The challenge is to identify and understand a real-world need, ideate and sketch out concepts, and deliver a prototype by Sunday afternoon. It’s no wonder a 2018 participant said, “I'm so exhausted but I had so much fun!”

You will have a creative, emotional, challenging, and ultimately awesome weekend and connect with passionate people from your community, and from all over the globe. You will make cool prototypes and pieces of work like videos, customer journeys, service blueprints and more! You will experience how a structured innovation process can produce robust, concrete, and human-centered results in just one weekend. This is a weekend for you to ask “Why” like a kid, dream big, forget convention, and just make stuff. So put your design thinking hat on, and let your creativity fly!

Tim Gilligan & Elizabeth Paffenbarger with a slew of mentors and volunteers

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