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Delia Ramírez
zAPOPAN | Mexico

From project management to service design

Delia Ramírez ITESO, Profesor

About 4 years ago I started working and knowing what service design is. My professional career began as a Project Manager focused on software development, I certified as a Project Manager Professional, and I was a person who lived very comfortably in the structure and tranquility that gave me the use of almost standardized methodologies.

One day, the place where I work, proposed me to start study Service Design, I began to investigate and I carried out a couple of projects in consulting mode almost in voluntary format just to learn more. Little by little, I was soaking up the concept and ended up loving it. Now I considered myself a person who prefers more innovation and those processes that can culminate in greater "chaos" and without having so much control, so to speak.

I have found ways to mix both passions, and it has given interesting results.

I am currently running a degree program called Service Enterprise Engineering, where students mix engineering with the development of people-centered experiences. It´s been quite a journey!

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