Chapter events - Ireland

The Service Design Network Ireland chapter is happy to deliver to you the third Service Design Drinks meetup. For this event we’ll have 4 speakers keen share their stories on Service Design

Brian Herron 

Director and Principal Designer at Each&Other


TALK If you want something just ask.  

The future of services is conversational interfaces. But playing with new technology in business is full of risks. How do you experiment with the future safely?

ABOUT Brian Herron 

Brian is a Director and Principal Designer at Each&Other, a strategic design agency. He is part of a team that leads business transformation programmes and customer experience projects with recent clients that include Google, Salesforce, Zurich International, Musgraves/Supervalu, Fleetmatics and SEE Airtricity. Brian has worked for OFFSET, done a stint at Google Ireland, lectured at UCD, DCU and DIT, and consulted for organisations on digital marketing, online community and strategy. Each&Other operates internationally from an old converted priory in Dublin and works across multiple sectors, including finance, enterprise, tech and both local and national government.  

Rahul Verma 

Global Head of Design Thinking and Service Design at Citi Innovation Labs

TALK Designing Service Design 

When it comes to deploying service design principles to global enterprises and innovation functions, one size does not fit all. You need to design a service design approach that delivers results for your team and your organisation. 

This talk will focus on five key lessons learned over a number of years establishing design practices across enterprises. 

ABOUT Rahul Verma 

Rahul is passionate about business, innovation and creativity. He heads the Global Design Thinking and Service Design capabilities across Citi Innovation Labs. 

Having a major interest in the area of cognition - a psychology related field dealing with how people reason – Rahul has focused on enterprise design leadership throughout his career. He has successfully established design practices in three industries and has led many high profile research and design projects in various industries including K-12, publishing, supply chain, telecommunications, social networking and now financial services. Rahul holds an MBA from Smurfit Business School, Dublin and a second masters MSc (IT) from Punjab University, India. 

Heather Madden 

Project Leader & Service Designer 


Julianne Coughlan 

Acting Senior Executive Officer and Service rePublic Leader at Cork County Council 


TALK Service rePublic 

Although Service Design can help organisations to design and implement new kinds of value across many sectors, the transition to using its tools and approaches can be difficult. Involvement of staff at all levels, from management to front-line, ensures that the service is understood in its entirety, and the support is there to implement true change, in a collaborative way.In 2013, Cork Institute of Technology began to use Service Design tools and techniques to analyse and improve services at each stage of the student lifecycle and embed this approach as a long-term sustainable change enabler.Cork County Council began their journey towards customer service transformation in 2016 and are currently implementing a Service Design approach across two live projects. Service rePublic was established in May 2017 as a partnership between the two organisations to share and exchange knowledge and ideas utilising Service Design tools and techniques. This will be achieved through an open collaborative approach and engaging with partners, citizens, staff and students to help us improve “how we do things around here”.Heather and Julianne will share their experience on this Service Design journey so far. 

ABOUT Heather Madden 

Heather is a Project Leader at Cork Institute of Technology and plays a key role in identifying, researching and pursuing process improvements across the institute. Facilitating discussions and workshops in order to generate ideas and identify opportunities is a key step in enhancing the experience for both staff and students whilst aligning people, process and technology. Service Design has allowed her to merge her creative skills with her analytical and technical expertise in order to simplify user experience and design and deliver better services. She is at the final stages of completing a practice-based doctorate focused on designing change in the higher education sector.  

ABOUT Julianne Coughlan 

Julianne has been working in ICT in Cork County Council for the last 14 years. She holds an MSc in Landscape Ecology from University College Cork and a Diploma in the Management of Modern Public Service Delivery from University College Dublin. Over the last 8 years she has worked in the areas of business process improvement and service reviews for Cork County Council and has delivered a number of key digital transformation projects including the implementation of the Council’s customer experience platform Julianne leads the newly established Service rePublic unit in Cork County Council where service design, customer service and digital transformation are coming together to change how services are designed with and delivered to citizens, and to improve service delivery outcomes for everyone.