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Service Design Drinks Cork Number 2

The Service Design Network (SDN) Irish Chapter will host a Service Design Drinks event at Johnson Controls, One Albert Quay, Cork on Thursday 14th June from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. Post-event networking and drinks at The Sextant bar. Talks: 1. Empathy for the Older Driver Dr Fred Creedon, CIT and Karen Fitzgerald, Cork County Council A principle that has been implicit to the success of good Service Design, but rarely formally identified is that of 'partnership'. Partnership allows us to disrupt formalised thinking patterns, grow our network of expertise, and promote skills transfer. The concept of partnership is fundamental to the success of the Service Design Network and has become a catalyst for the growth of the Service Design discipline. Service rePublic, a joint initiative by Cork County Council and Cork Institute of Technology represents a unique partnership between local government and a third level institution, and marks the beginning of a new, exciting approach to service delivery in the public sector in Ireland. Karen Fitzgerald from Service Republic and Dr Fred Creedon from CIT will demonstrate how this partnership is working through one specific example. As part of CIT’s Innovation Week 2018, Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), Cork County Council, Service rePublic and the Older Persons Alliance hosted a Service Design Challenge on Tuesday 6th March. In teams of four, students were required to solve a real challenge for the older people in the community. This was a unique opportunity for students, from a variety of disciplines, to work in teams, while learning to use Service Design tools and techniques. They learned how to create empathy with the user, collaborate with stakeholders, create holistic perspectives of a service, and ultimately redesign or innovate new or improved services. 2. Everyone Knows Brad…Do you? Maébh Costello, Principal User Experience Designer in Johnson Controls If you work in Johnson Controls design, product management, engineering, machine learning, data intelligence or leadership, then you’ll be familiar with a guy named Brad. However, if you don’t know Brad, then let me introduce you to him. Brad is a user persona that Johnson Controls’ UX (or User Experience team) created following two years of in-depth research, and he’s played a huge part in the success of our game-changing technologies. You see, we used a simple strategy to popularise Brad’s persona, and that in turn created a positive culture change within our organisation. Now, Johnson Controls’ focus is very much user-centric, and this tidal change - in how we deliver our products and services - has proven to be a very powerful asset to us. So, I’d like to tell you about Brad’s story, and our journey with him… 3. Talk 3 - To be Confirmed About the Speakers: Dr Fred Creedon is a Lecturer and Programme Coordinator for the Certificate in Designing Innovative Services. Fred's interest in all things design emerged from his application of Design Science Research approach for his PhD research in designing electronic charts for vital sign early warning systems. Fred currently lectures modules to CIT student including, Systems Analysis and Design, Design for Technology Experiences, and Design Thinking for Services, where he also coordinates the Special Purpose Award for Designing Innovative Services. Fred is a member of a research group in CIT interested in exploring applications for Service Design, and engaging with industry to help build teams, design and implement training material and explore research opportunities in Service Design. Karen Fitzgerald is a Service Designer at Cork County Council and a member of the Service rePublic team. Karen has been instrumental in managing a number of key customer service transformation projects in housing and also in designing the homepage & content of She has also led the planning and co-ordination of user research and design projects covering stakeholder workshops, observation work, interviews and co-design. Karen’s expertise is in Business Intelligence and she holds a Diploma in Data Business. She has a keen interest in data governance; particularly in how data flows through the organisation.Karen is a visual communicator and has the ability to see the bigger picture, in particular helping stakeholders to see their impact on the organisation; and encouraging their participation in the redesign of processes and services. Maébh Costello. Design innovation excites Maebh. With a passion for form and function, and a diverse multidisciplinary skillset, she has forged a successful career designing experiences and services that are easy to use, and most of all, useful. For over 12 years, Maebh has developed meaningful design strategies in both start-ups and large multinationals. In her current role, Maebh is responsible for strategy, user research, innovation, service and all things user experience.