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Douglas Helman
Wangen im Allgäu | Germany

I love discovering the quirks in all the things we do in our daily lives. Especially when we interact with people who deliver services. Making these fleeting moments better is my mission.

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I've just moved from Australia to Germany and I'm looking for a business partner! Email me.

I'm a generalist with a background in product design, sustainable production and consumption, life cycle assessment, environmental management and policy and the wonderful intersections between these fields of activity. I discovered that Service Design is a thing and so now I'm doing it. I run my own small firm offering service design to real people: librarians, landscapers, wedding photographers, bakers, envelope sellers, macramé makers, financial planners, earth-movers, sustainability consultants, and IT installers. I also teach industrial design students how to be a little less industrial and a little more holistic in their approach to solving the problems around them.

Douglas Helman
I design better product-service experiences

Douglas’s interest in Service Design

The world around us is filled with complexity. Services help everyone make sense of the bits that are relevant to them. Making sure that these services fit the people who use them is a fascinating and inspiring journey that people love learning about. My specific interest in service design is how the methods can be used to design services that encourage particular behaviours; especially when those behaviours are aligned with manufacturing products in more sustainable ways.

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