Other Events - Germany

Join us in Cologne on 29-31 March 2019 to develop innovative concepts and prototype services inspired by a secret global theme. During the 3-days Jam you will explore ways to change the world around you and try out a service design-based approach to problem solving and creativity. The Service Jam is a great place to learn – or get better at – service design methodology and equip yourself with tools and methods, which can be applied to any project. Come expand your knowledge, learn from fellow jammers and develop your service design skills!

What is a Jam?

Global Jams are design focussed innovation events, which happen three times per year (Service Jam, Sustainability Jam and Gov Jam), where jammers in up to 100 cities around the world work simultaneously for up to 48 hours to create and prototype completely new services, products or initiatives inspired by a secret global theme. At the end of a Jam, the collection of insights and prototypes developed are published online to the world. Read more here.


Anyone interested in problem-solving and making daily experiences better – in your professional or private life – in an innovative and creative way, is welcome to participate. Join us if you are a designer, UX and UI ninja, student, academic, business people, start-up people, customer, kid and/or grandpa. Bring your super powers and let’s jam together!


10 € for professionals

5 €  for students

Snacks and soft drinks will be provided to the participants during the event.

Ko Wongpichet
Ko Wongpichet - Facilitator

Ko Wongpichet is a UX designer /Service designer at denkwerk. She has long experience in different fields; from industrial design, branding, advertising before finally landed on service design and user experience. She aspires to service design methodology and research as they tackle invisible challenges, making it tangible and accessible to the people. As for her jamming experience, she has been jamming and hosting since 2014!

Cristine Lanzoni
Cristine Lanzoni - Facilitator

Cristine Lanzoni is a service design practitioner and Project Manager at Service Design Network (SDN). At her work, she manages different user journeys and leads improvements to their touchpoints in order to deliver better experiences to the end-users while streamlining internal processes. Cristine holds a MA in Design and her background is in Graphic Design. She has been jamming since 2014 and hosted the Cologne Service Jam in 2015.


29 March - 31 March 2019
10:00 AM - 04:00 PM On day 3, you will work together with your team to improve your prototype and share it with the jammer community around the world.
07:00 PM - 09:00 PM On day 1, you will meet your local innovators, form teams, and pick a starting point inspired by a secret global theme.
09:00 AM - 06:00 PM On day 2, you will go out into the real world to discover insights and use them to generate ideas and start building prototypes.