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Pankaj Thakur
Paris | France

A Growth Marketing professional with significant achievements in developing strategic marketing plans, promotional programs, driving sales, building customer bases, realizing cost-efficiencies, improving ROI, and managing budgets.

Pankaj is passionate about... design and culture, service design methodologies, service design thinking, innovation, design education and simplification

Pankaj Thakur freihandlabor GmbH, Growth Marketing

High-energy and charismatic with a passionate, human-centric approach to marketing and strategy. As a marketing leader with more than a decade of experience in conceptualizing and executing comprehensive marketing strategies to put high-growth IoT, travel, SaaS and tech brands top-of-mind and grow sales opportunities.

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Headlessforms is a backend tool that enables online form creators to receive respondents’ submissions in real time without the need for code or other infrastructure. It's perfect for WordPress, Netlify, Vercel, Github Pages, or any static site.

Build high-quality HTML forms in minutes --- we have the Form BackendPankaj Thakur
Easy User Test

Easy User Test

Easy User Test is a user testing tool that offers the easiest way to test your text and design. Our remote testing solution conducts message testing for websites, ads, and email copy to provide data on how your audience perceives your text and design.

Validate your text & design decisions with real usersPankaj Thakur

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