About Luca Acito

Luca Acito
Helsinki | Finland

Young designer with experience in developing services and digital products. During the past 5 years, I have been working with consultancies, education sector and startups.

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I own a master degree in Collaborative and Industrial Design from Aalto University. At work, I like diving into research and problem discovery in order to bring innovative insights to life. Facilitation skills and ability to quickly visualize and prototype ideas are my strengths and I like working with agile/lean approaches to product development. During my free time, I enjoy photography, listening records and, I recently started baby steps towards filmmaking and documentary production.

Luca Acito
Service Designer

Luca’s interest in Service Design

I am very much interested in the futures of Service Design, and Design in general as a practice. Coming from 7 years of industrial design education, I see the field expanding continuously and other disciplines blending together. I believe Service Design is the reflection of a paradigm shift from an industrial society focused on products to the information economy that sees services as the medium to deliver values. Now, what next?

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