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Eric Edinberg
Chicago | United States

As the head of Insitum US, I organize and lead ambitious consulting projects that apply research, design and strategy to design experiences and services around the world.

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I was a fine artist for 10 glorious years, loving every reflective second of it.

Recent projects have included developing user experiences, services, brands, devices and spaces within food industries (from fast food to premium chocolate), consumer electronics, pharmacy benefits, redesigning hospital flows, designing for office cultures and contexts among other sectors.

Eric Edinberg
International Research and Innovation (including Service Design)

Eric’s interest in Service Design

I have been running the US office of Insitum for 8 years. Before that I was a design researcher and service designer in spirit. Now we are doing many projects around the world and a big component of many of them is service design...we can always get better and move the practice (and our knowledge) forward!

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