About Kristofer Kelly-Frere

Kristofer Kelly-Frere
Calgary | Canada

I’m a mad-alchemist-poet-guide-firestarter.

Kristofer Kelly-Frere J5 Design, Creative Lead

I’m a mad-alchemist-poet-guide-firestarter. 

I make magic serious business and want to help you explore the edges of what seems possible. You can count on me to make sense of chaos and ensure that we have a roadmap leading to a better tomorrow. 

I’m an architect by training and a systemic designer by practice. I’ve staked my career on the idea that folx will rise to the challenge if asked a good enough question. I’ve worked across a range of public, private and government institutions to craft experiences, establish design labs, and deliver groundbreaking social R & D projects. I know how to move innovation dreams across the threshold into reality. I can’t wait to dig into the mud together.

Skilled in Facilitation, Client & Stakeholder Relations, Learning Design, Innovation, and Coaching & Mentoring Opportunity Framing, Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping, Culture Change, Strategic Planning and Project Management.

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