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David Marchuk
Vancouver | Canada

I'm a customer-focused and human-centric Service + Business Designer. I leverage my extensive knowledge and experience in Design Thinking and Service Design to create innovative services and products.

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What I do guides people to get things done, hopefully adding a bit of surprise and delight along the way. I many work in public/government services and when people interact with the organization I work for, it's either they are forced to due to government policy, or it's during a time of crisis in their lives. Both necessitate a focus on ease and support. On the organizational design and delivery side, I really enjoy breaking down barriers and silos between groups, and helping to design meaningful work for employees.

David Marchuk
Service Designer & Design Thinker

David’s interest in Service Design

Mainly, I just want to help people get through their day, and to give them a meaningful way that generates value for them.

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