About Cliff Neufeld

Edmonton | Canada

I am focused on driving innovation through intentional design and disruption of organizational cultures, products and services while staying mindful of environmental and community impacts.

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I am open to collaborations within this community locally and internationally.

My Innovation Consulting practice is located in Edmonton, Alberta which is a dynamic and forward thinking community. I have been involved in many projects within the private, public and community where driving change through design was the key success factor. I bring a very different perspective to the service design community as I recently completed studies at Harvard University where I focused specifically on innovation and strategic design of new management and business structures. If you are a status quo thinker, you will find me challenging everything you believe. If you are driving real human centric change in employee and customer experiences, we need to collaborate!

Cliff’s interest in Service Design

We use service design as the primary tool for innovation of products, services, cultures, and experiences. Our model is disrupting current innovation ecosystems that are focused exclusively on technology and pushing products and services that are not designed with people at the core of the design. Innovation is a highly over used term, for many, a buzzword that is thrown into conversations to appear forward thinking. But the truth is, companies large and small are unable to develop breakthrough innovations while their cultures and business models are unable to adapt. Our goal is to enable companies to learn how intentional innovation can revolutionize the status quo.

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