Chapter events - Canada

We are in the process of planning our first major event for Thursday, March 3. The event will take place across three cities in Canada. It is titled, the Transit Service Safari. Communication materials are being customized for each region.

On March 3, at 6 p.m. take part in the first annual Toronto Transit Service Safari, an event especially designed for design lovers, transit enthusiasts, and anyone who’s just curious about how service design can improve transit service in the city.   


Under the guidance of a senior service designer, we’ll navigate Toronto transit, and record the highs and lows of our experience using service design tools. Once you arrive at the final destination, you can kick-back, have a drink, and discuss what you’ve learned with other participants.


How it’ll work:

  1. Arrive at any one of the three departure locations (see below), and look for guides holding Transit Safari Signs.
  2. Follow your guide (they’ll already have a route in mind).
  3. Document what you hear, see, and think as you navigate the service using the special template provided.
  4. Tweet, post and chat along the way using #sdnCanada
  5.  Arrive at the final destination to debate, discuss and drink.


The Safari departs from three locations in the downtown core:


  1. Queens Park (Meet at street level, north-west corner Wellesley and Bay)
  2. Liberty Village (Meet at street level, north-west corner of King and Dufferin)
  3. Uptown (Meet in front of the Yonge and St. Clair library)

Poster for first multi-city event hosted by SDN Canada
Poster for first multi-city event hosted by SDN Canada


  • It is anticipated approx. 120 people or more will take part in this initiative
  • The event has been designed so that it can be deployed to other cities across Canada  
  • Targeted at urbanists, transit enthusiasts and civic-minded citizens, natural allies of the service design movement



While we have made great progress in establishing and promoting the chapter over the last three months, we recognize that our efforts now have to switch from establishing chapter infrastructure to promotion and networking. Our priorities for the next three months are as follows:

  1.  Successfully host the three-city event on March 11
  2. Continue to establish regional representation so that events can be localized scaled more easily and membership can grow
  3. Aggressively build email database to provide a continuity of communication with those interested in the Chapter, supported by a monthly update