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Hi There! I'm a Strategic & Service Designer and also one of the co-founders of SDN Brazil.

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I like to give lectures about disruption, innovation, entrepreneurship, strategy design & the future

I love to question all things we take for granted. I'm driven by the possibility of creating FUTURE SCENARIOS that disrupt the way we currently live through existing and upcoming technologies. Passionate about 3 things: Understanding people + Uncovering Business Opportunities + Designing Disruptive Innovation. Yeahhh, I know. It may sound link Design Thinking, but in fact, the purpose of creating something that somehow evolves the human beings is what I like doing. Not capitalism, profit nor money. I love putting People First. Complexity transformed into simplicity: problem-setting / creative problem-solving. From Concept to Execution, from Strategic Thinking to Business Planning.

CEO & Strategic Designer

IGOR’s interest in Service Design

I'm interested in Sharing the Knowledge & Expertise acquired over the years and projects and promoting the culture of Services that are User-Centred.

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