About Bruna Pasquali Plentz

Bruna Pasquali Plentz
Florianópolis | Brazil


Bruna Pasquali Plentz Homa, Founding partner
I am a founding partner of Homa Service Design, which works to get closer to those who serve the ones that are served, creating true connections between organizations and people.

To me, service design means...

The possibility of creating well thought out and amazing services. Well thought out services have the power to simplify and optimize people's routine, giving them more time to dedicate to what really matters. On the other hand, amazing services have the power to make people's lives more joyful and happier. I believe that the service design approach has the power to make companies lighter, more humorous, creative, humane, efficient, faithful to the people who work in it and the people they serve.

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