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Saranya Villavankothai
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Saranya Villavankothai

Hello, my name is Saranya and I'm currently transitioning into a Service Design career after four transitions. after being in Project Management and Operations Management for about 13 years. I love practicing design thinking with a holistic perspective. I strongly believe that one should be able to ask the right questions and solve the right problems. The world is moving towards a better future and I would love to be able to contribute positively and make it good for society and the environment in Healthcare, Environment, or the education sectors. 

I'm a person that's constantly observing the world, embracing unique perspectives, learning design foundational principles, and turning ideas into reality using empathy and humility.

To me, service design means...

Everything. It's been the missing puzzle piece in my life, which I hadn't discovered until recently. Service Design is unique in its definition that there are so many different ways to explain it. My definition of it changes after every encounter I have with a project. My current view of Service Design is that it's a necessity. We need to move away from looking at just products and solving the problems of one type of user. There needs to be a seamless experience that needs to be designed considering the holistic view of a problem space.

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