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Olga Strelnyk

My true passion is to constantly upgrade my coach’s own experience and add what I have known just now to my trainings. Regular updating of long-studied helps knowledge always remain relevant. Learn from day to day. I love to share. It inspires me. I have huge business experience which helps me understand current challenge of students. I feel this stream of energy that makes me who I want to be! Sometimes I like to stop and contemplate what has been done, lived through. It is very important to immerse yourself in your own feelings. Everything that I do is aimed at the development and well-being of my family, my partners, students and clients. And I do it with all the passion, completely surrendering to this process! My favorite condition is the process of finding a solution. This is adrenaline, this is what makes my life full.

To me, service design means...

Service design is my business religion! it is aproach about people for people inside and outside of the business.

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