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Matthew Oliphant
Portland | United States

I help healthcare companies create better Products & Services. Projects worldwide.

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Matthew Oliphant Studio VO, Service Design, Design Research, Customer Experience
Same week I got my first design-related job, I was offered a Sous Chef position at a new restaurant.

While most of my job titles include or are related to UX, I started working long enough ago that my experience isn't limited to digital-only. The current way UX is thought of is rather limited compared to SD. My perspective though is that those of us who have been UXing for more than 15 years have more in common with SD than not. Several of my first projects were SD even though we didn't call them that. I think it's a missed opportunity for most new-to-the-career UXers that they won't typically go beyond a screen in their work.

Matthew’s interest in Service Design

I prefer the more holistic, systemic approach Service Design takes.

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