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Greg Grabowy
Brooklyn | United States

I have lived and practiced design in New York City for 20 years. I started having a service design mindset in 2015 (never too late). I like movies, books, music, technology, coffee, rye and cooking.

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Greg Grabowy ServiceNow, UX/UI Designer, Platform Innovation
I love this network and I want to see an NYC chapter.

I travel a lot for work and because I work remote, I'm craving a community of practice to connect to. This year is going to be a big year of self-investment so I'm trying all kinds of formal training. Terrarium buildings, pasta making, voice-over acting training, guided travel... I'm trying to build a curriculum until I know exactly how should be shaping conversation as a thought leader.

Greg’s interest in Service Design

Work Culture: Using service design helps to create safe spaces which are inclusive of diversity and ability so people are more comfortable contributing. Thought Leadership: In order to create compelling connections, you need empathy to understand your audience, stakeholders, co-workers, customers and users. You need to explore ideal behaviors before you can have the confidence you need to set you on the right path. Growth Mindset: Service design is a mindset—a mindset that incorporates the idea that improvement of services you provide to your customers never ends. This means that people need to look beyond the challenges in front of them.

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