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Eleonora Carnasa
Sofia | Bulgaria

I am a service designer focused on organisational transformation and mindset change.

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Eleonora Carnasa Fabrica 360, Service Designer

I lead multidisciplinary teams who want to deliver holistic insight-led services that create value for the customers and business. My ambition is to bring creativity into the heart of organisations and I do so by facilitating the creation of collaborative environments, creative leadership, storytelling, and agile scrum. I work as a freelancer in corporate accelerators across Europe and back in Bulgaria I have the pleasure to mentor and coach many startups and creative teams within Climate-KIC, European Social Innovations Competition, Global Service Jam.

Eleonora’s interest in Service Design

I am a Service Design Master Trained, accredited by the Service Design Network and I also represent the network in Bulgaria where my goal is to build the community and raise the awareness about service design. I am interested in short term service design projects and ready to travel around the world.

Eleonora’s contribution

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