Touchpoint Vol. 3 No. 3 – From Sketchbook to Spreadsheet


Page Item Author(s)
2 imprint
3 from the editors
6 Touchpoint insider
Forrester’s Take
8 Why Service Design? Why Now? Kerry Bodine
10 The Missing Link Jan Erik Dahl, Jørgen Kjaergaard and Jakob Stoevring Soerensen
18 Service Design Creates Breakthrough Cultural Change in the Brazilian Financial Industry Tennyson Pinheiro, Luis Alt and Jose Mello
24 Learning the Language of Finance Gives Your Ideas the Best Chance of Success
 Jürgen Tanghe
28 Designing Human Rights: A Service-Driven Approach to Social Progress  Zack Brisson, Panthea Lee
36 Redesigning Hospital Food Services for Vulnerable Older Patients Claire Bamford, Alastair Macdonaldand Gemma Teal
42 Left Brain / Right Brain Susan Bartlett and Rob Grossi
46 Austin Center for Design Looks at Homelessness Ruby Ku
48 Changing How We Care Ali Baba Attaie and Liz Burow
54 What David Taught Goliath Damian Kernahan and Erik Roscam Abbing
Education and Research
58 Creating Competences in Service Innovation and Design Jukka Ojasalo and Katri Ojasalo
62 Tools and Methods
64 Beyond Roleplay Markus Hormess and AdamLawrence
68 Service Mapping Iain Barker and Janna DeVylder
72 Designing Mass-customised Services Yuen Wah Li
76 English-language Educationthat Makes Everyone Happy JongWon Seo and MinJu Yim
80 Interview: Julia Schaeper Miriam Becker
84 Dos & Don’ts
86 From Sketchbook to Spreadsheet Birgit Mager
90 Service Design Network Denmark Has Completed Boarding Rikke B E Knutzen, Nicola Morelli and Katrine Rau Ofenstein
91 ‘Bonjour’ Service Design Network France! Christophe Tallec
92 The Conference in Numbers Mauro Rego
94 Conference Impressions
96 Student Day Impressions
97 Members Day Impressions
98 Members Map

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This issue, Touchpoint Vol. 3 #3 “From Sketchbook to Spreadsheet” is linked to the theme of the Service Design Conference in San Francisco in October 2011 and also features some of the conference talks.  Touchpoint 3 #3 explores the impact that service design is now making to organisations’ bottom lines and presents the compelling stories of designing business strategies, monetising service propositions and cultural change. We maintain our focus on the practice and business of service design itself; new tools and methods yes, but also how to buy and sell service design, what the design community can learn from business and vice-versa.

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